Why Reiki?

Once you learn Reiki, you have this wonderful gift for life. Reiki is a very simple, gentle and empowering way to give healing to yourself and others.

Reiki became my vehicle for personal growth. The stronger I could connect and listen to myself, the more empowered the choices I made. Using my intuition, I could navigate clearly through whatever life threw at me. Empowering choices not only benefited me, but those around me. If we all connected to our truest selves, humanity would be transformed, and we'd live in a more compassionate and harmonious world.

Anyone can learn Reiki and anyone can receive it from you.

The energy flows to wherever in the body it is required. Along with it's gentle nature, Reiki can thus be used for all ages and all conditions.

Reiki brings peace and joy to the mind, body and soul, and is perfect for those on a path of spiritual development. Reiki is not attached to any belief systems or religion. All that is required is a desire to receive the healing.