How to learn Reiki

Would you love to have a way to help yourself and others whenever you need to? Once you learn Reiki, you are empowered with this skill for the rest of your life. Reiki is simple, gentle, powerful and you can learn it in ONE DAY! 

Perhaps you had the feeling you were meant to do something more, but you don't know exactly what? Perhaps you have a feeling you are meant to be a healer and  want to awake your intuitive abilities? Reiki can lead you where you need to go. But mind you, you still need to practice every day to really get the benefits! I can give you the tools, but the practice part is down to you.

How to learn Reiki. Anyone can learn Reiki. When you learn Reiki level 2, you'll learn how to send it remotely eg online via programs such as Zoom and WhatApp or even over the phone. Your friend or recipient could be on the other side of the world! This is called 'Distance Reiki'

Anyone easy can learn Reiki and it doesn't matter how intelligent or spiritually developed you are. You can also learn Reiki whatever your religious beliefs may be.

You learn Reiki through a process called an 'attunement.' It's hard to describe what is actually is, but it is the way I, as your Reiki Master, would give you the ability to use Reiki.

Now, it may be simple and easy to learn Reiki, but don't underestimate how powerful the attunements are. Once you learn Reiki, you go on a huge journey of personal growth and transformation. Your intuition gets stronger; you become more deeply connected to yourself and the whole universe; you have a way to get through anything life may throw at you; and you have a tool to help you create your very best life. 

However I will say again, that the biggest benefits will only come if you do the work and practice Reiki every day. Once you learn it you do have it for life, so if you do happen to have a break from practice, you can pick it up again.

Reiki is taught in several levels: Reiki Levels, 1, 2, Master level and Master Teacher level.  For more details on each level, please go to the page 'Reiki levels 1 & 2'

In Reiki Level One, the student receives several 'attunements' so they are able to use Reiki. The student then has the ability to give healing to themselves and other using Reiki using light touch.

Reiki Level Two is taught to those who have completed Reiki Level One at least 3 months beforehand. Here, the student gains access to the deeper teachings. The student learns the sacred symbols, and how to use them to access the subconcious; to send Reiki over distance and time, and much more!

Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher levels Here, the student learns the 'Master symbol' and how to teach Reiki to others, so they can pass this incredible gift on. 

I always teach Reiki in person, here in Newquay. I can travel further afield to you. Please do get in touch with me if you're interested in this.

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