"When Rimca arrived I could tell she was a calming influence. Rufus and Heidi usually bark at strangers initially but they remained silent and took an instant shine to Rimca. I literally felt warmth coming from Rimca’s hands. They both seemed so relaxed and loving, it was as though we were sharing a bond of happiness. What could be nicer!

I can honestly say it was a thoroughly relaxing, lovely experience and I will certainly be booking with Rimca again. It made me realise how important it is to take time out to relax with the dogs and how it improves my well being as well as theirs."

- Denise Elphick, PetsPyjamas


Reiki Level One - 1 day from £200/ person

Reiki Level Two - 1 day from £250/ person

I hold one-to-one sessions & classes for up to 3 students. Always taught in person.

Class dates are booked according to your schedule. I teach in Newquay and offer the possibility of travelling to you. Please enquire using the Contact form or via email.

Taster Session (can be done online or in person) with a view to do Reiki 1 or 2 - £25

Treatment sessions in Newquay - £50/hour

Online treatments - £40/hour.